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Skin-Care Products: as Natural as They Get, Made by Us!

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The cosmetics market is flooded with products full of harmful ingredients. It’s so challenging figuring out what’s good or bad that for a while I gave up on ANY creams, lotions, or face washes. And can you guess what happened?

After not using skin-care products for years, my skin had a chance to recover from the damage that was done — especially by acne products. Finally, I stumbled upon information about essential oils: frankincense oil, seabuckthorn oil, grapeseed oil and others. As it turns out natural raw honey has amazing healing properties.


When a family member put raw honey on an infected scratch — one that wasn’t healing for months — I honestly laughed. “You have to go to the doctor,” I said authoritatively. Nobody listened. The five-inch scratch was clearly inflamed and swollen. It didn’t look good.

A week later, the area of question was presented to me. “What did you do?” – I asked in complete disbelieve upon seeing the nearly healed skin. Apparently, the only treatment was daily applied honey (bought from a local farm that doesn’t spray their land) that was also raw (never heated — not even pasteurized).

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is honey made by bees who pollinate manuka trees — native to Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the antibacterial properties that all raw organically grown honeys have, the manuka honey has something called MGO. That stands for methylglyoxal — the more of it, the stronger the antibacterial properties. WebMD has an expansive post on honeys and what boosts manuka honey’s powerful healing properties.


The other truly amazing substance that I experienced was frankincense oil. After the incredible stories on The Truth About Cancer about people curing cancer with it (what?!?!), I decided to try it on my horrible adult acne that was taking over my face, neck, chest, back, upper arms, and my entire life. While it sounded a bit too good to be true…I invested in a cheap $10 little bottle (even that seemed too expensive) of highly diluted Frankincense oil.

Believe me when I tell you…it worked!

I rubbed it in everywhere I could after my calming evening shower. The next day, my skin looked somehow brighter and healthier. In about a week of the same routine, I could see what healthy skin was supposed to look like. It took months to get it all under control, because pimples faded but new ones came though much less frequently. 

Shea Butter

The first time I used shea butter, it was a total disaster. I made a hair oil-moisturizer which dried on my hair and didn’t come off even after 3 rounds of shampoo. Lesson learned — improvising with that stuff is not a good idea. Luckily, there are plenty of blogs and videos about how to use shea butter properly and eventually I learned.

What’s great about shea butter is that it is thick, so it can hold ingredients that typically don’t mix well — like honey and oil. Can you guess what honey and what oil I had on my mind?

The First Cream Was Born — and It Repaired My Skin!

The skin repair cream was created…and it was truly out of sheer necessity. Than others followed. Try them out!

Made to Order Only — Member Exclusive  

Skin Repair Cream

skin repair cream

Skin Repair CreamFrankincense oil was not one I was familiar with. In the docu-series The Truth About Cancer, various doctors shared their experience with this biblical oil. From personal experience with Manuka Honey, I knew that it is a miracle product for skin health. Together, I combined them in shea butter with a few other natural or organic ingredients. The product transformed my acne-prone skin (including neck, chest and back), healed old scars, speeded recovery from current breakouts and reduced the frequency of new breakouts. Holistic treatments sometime take longer to work and not everything works for everyone. The way it brightens and softens my skin is incredible, so I started making it for my family and friends and now for you.

Happy Skin Cream

happy skin cream

This cream was originally developed as a lighter version of the Skin Repair cream for the days when my skin feels healthy. It helps maintain a glow while it brightens and softens. It is a pure as it gets. 

Rescue Salve

rescue salve cream

Annoying cooking burns and minor cuts don’t stand a chance with this cream. As it turns out, it’s also beneficial for a ton of other skin issues: minor burns, minor cuts, sunburn, dry skin, bug bites, chapped lips, eczema, and even hemorrhoids. 

Black Deodorant

black deodorant

After trying most natural deodorants available at pharmacies, I realized that nothing works for my stinky armpits. Noticing a smell only to realize it comes from you is an embarrassing moment nobody should experience. It took months of research to find the right ingredients and the form is still work in progress. Everyone who tries it says it works for them and is the deodorant of choice for my family.

Our mission is to educate and not to build a skin-care empire, so if you are planning to make your own products…first, be warned that good quality ingredients can get pricey…and let us know that you are committed. We’ll help you learn how to take a good care of yourself.

Author: Milla, Organic World Club

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