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Balancing and Relaxation with Reiki

Yoga Reiki Flower of Life

You might have heard about the healing benefits of Reiki or energy balancing. I recorded this meditation for my friends to benefit from my work at their convenience while learning how to balance yourself through your chakras — your energy centers.

In this meditation, hosted on the Organic World Club website, you will achieve a deep relaxation and receive healing reiki energy. Listen to the entire meditation at least once, then feel free to pause between sections and focus deeply on each area. To feel your best, listen to it at least once or twice a week…or even every day if you can.

Now, find a comfortable and fully supported position — lying down or sitting down, with your spine extended, shoulder blades back and closer together. Open up your chest and expand your lungs. Now, play the Reiki Balancing and Relaxation meditation.

By Milla Loza