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The Last Acne Blog You’ll Have to Read

woman squeezing pimple

Are you fed up with promising commercials about acne products that never work for you? Your problem has a fix…and it’s not what you think.

Have you watched all the acne commercials promising you a miraculous cure with this one product that should magically work. And then you buy it only to find out that it uses the same active ingredients as all the other useless products you’ve tried. Well, my friend, I’ve been there. FOR TWENTY YEARS!!! 

Imagine my frustration trying all the popular products under the sun. And before I tell you about the solution I found for myself, let me tell you the absolute worst result from those products. My skin suffered extensive damage that led me to have wrinkles in my late 20s. Seriously, my friends out of nowhere started recommending wrinkle creams to me. What?!?!

I’m way too young to have wrinkles. I’m way too old to have acne. 

In my frustration, I trashed all skin care products I’ve accumulated throughout the years. Even the facial wash and scrub. Everything. I got a natural gentle loofah pad and only used natural shampoo and basic natural bar soap.

And guess what happened?? 

Not to keep you waiting, but I need to tell you face to face, so you can see my skin. There’s so much more to this story. There’s so much more learning coming, too. Hold on while I record this video.

Author: Milla, Organic World Club

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