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In the age of AI, what sets us apart?

Access Your Inner Wisdom

Find Balance, Harmony and Healing Through Spiritual Learning with Practical Application

By Invitation Only!

I guide enlightened individuals towards efficient strategies to master your challenges and circumvent unnecessary suffering.

Gain Inner Balance
Develop Harmonious Relationships
Release Stuck Energy
Establish Mind-body Connection
Uncover Your Unique Gifts

Learn your spiritual lessons faster with renowned guide Milena.

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After working with Milena, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. My level of stress subsided. I recommend sessions with Milena if you want to change your state of mind fairly quickly."
— Jonah, Client

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Milena is well intentioned and her energy feels light and pure. It is just what you’d want from someone who will be helping you clear your own energy field. After the session, I felt balanced and peaceful while I don’t always feel that way even after eight hours of sleep. I’d recommended Reiki sessions with Milena to anyone who is looking to recharge.”
— Irene, Client

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Milena has a wonderful way of making you feel calm. Her voice is soothing and she makes you feel she is speaking directly to you. She is patient and understanding. Her demeanor is always positive and I highly recommend taking a Reiki session with her!”
— Laura, Client

Here’s How It Works:

Interactive Group Lessons


Guided Meditation

Harmonizing Yoga Practice

Reiki Energy Balancing

Milena is a gifted Reiki Master, yoga teacher, and holistic life guide. She earned certifications in plant-based nutrition, NLP, radiestesia and more. Milena synthesizes her wide wisdom into a personalized approach that honors your uniqueness.


MANKIND YOGA - REIKI  RYT200  Vegan Nutrition Certificate  Silva Method  NLP Practitioner  Radiestezia

Learn more about your guide Milena.

Through this program, you gain knowledge and wisdom I’ve learned from the teachers of our age and past times over the course of more than 20 years.

  • Read my first perception-expanding book at the age of 14 and was initiated in an energy healing practice at an age of 16.
  • Guided by renoun Shaolin Master, I studied and practiced Kung Fu and practical Buddhist philosophy at the USA Shaolin temple for close to 10 years during my 20s.
  • My journey with yoga started when I was about 25 years old and continued through earning my teacher training certificate in my 30s.
  • Yoga introduced me to Reiki, which is an energy balancing discipline similar to what I already practiced. Thus I became a Reiki Master.

I offer gentle guidance rooted in over 20 years of studying energy healing, mindfulness practices, and holistic wellness. My goal is to help you become your own best teacher.

I continue expanding my knowledge through extensive reading and learning from some of the top teachers and authors in personal growth including Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Eugenia Oganova, Abraham Hicks, Peter Dunov, Paramahansa Yogananda, Gregg Braden, John Maxwell, Tim Ferris, Linda Babcock & Sarah Lascheyer, Sheryl Sandberg, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Daniel Goleman, Deborah Adele, Gary Zukav, Norman Doidge, Steven Covey and many more.

My Coaching Approach:

  • Honor your unique path
  • Provide customized "bite-sized" challenges to move you forward
  • Offer proven tools and wisdom to build your skills
  • Support your physical, mental and spiritual well being
  • Create a judgment-free space for you to awaken inner mastery
  • Guide you to become your own healer and internal compass

I blend insights from energy healing, mindfulness, yoga, and holistic nutrition into a program tailored just for you.

Choose Your Path

Harmony Membership

Online Group Learning program Perfect for First-Timers

Time Commitment:
1-2 Hours per Month


Program Benefits

Includes as part of each video meeting:

  • 30-min group coaching and discussion
  • 20-min group Reiki healing and balancing during the video meeting
  • Option to watch class recording at a later time

Includes monthly:

  • Access to monthly community 1:1 sessions. Limited availability.

1:1 Nurture Packs
Perfect for Harmony Members

3-Session Pack

Addressing 1 basic challenge

  • One 1.5-3-hour long first session
  • 2 follow-up sessions up to an hour each
  • Complete within 2 months
  • Value: $1000
5-Session Pack

Addressing 1 complex challenge

  • One 1.5-3-hour long first session
  • 4 follow-up sessions up to an hour each
  • Complete within 3 months
  • Value: $1225
10-Session Pack

Addressing 2 or more complex challenges

  • One 1.5-3-hour long first session
  • 4 follow-up sessions up to an hour each
  • Second 1.5-3 hour long session
  • 4 follow-up sessions up to an hour each
  • Complete within 12 months
  • Value: $2100
Add-On Sessions

For returning clients

  • $75 for 30 minutes



  • Reiki Energy Balancing and Emotional Release
  • Processing Challenges Through NLP and Reiki
  • Intuitive Energy Diagnostic
  • Intuitive Nutrition
  • Custom Skin-Care Products Attuned to Your Body
  • Intuitive Assessment of Product Compatibility and Benefits
  • Yoga and Guided Meditation
  • Soul-Aligned Marketing and Design

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

>> Do I have to make a commitment?
+ -

No long-term commitment is required, though experience shows that 3-6 months is the minimum it takes to experience significant personal growth and change. You can cancel anytime.

>> Do I have to make a donation and how much?
+ -

If you were invited to the pilot program, financial appreciation/donations/monetary gifts are appreciated but never required. If you feel you are gaining value, consider contributing an amount between $20-$100 per month, based on what you can afford. This helps sustain our community.

Money is energy — you receive something then keep the flow going by giving back, so more keeps flowing back to you, too.

>> How do I know if this program is a the right fit for me?
+ -

Do any of these struggles resonate with you?

  • Feeling stuck in unhealthy patterns
  • Disconnected from your best self
  • Confused by other people’s behaviors
  • Your gifts and talents go unrecognized
  • Finding no joy or purpose
  • Carrying physical or emotional pain
  • Struggling with food, diet, or self-image
  • Feeling rigid, inflexible, or off-balance
  • Judging yourself harshly
  • Overwhelmed by major life changes
  • Unsure of your true calling
  • Believe you’ve fallen short of your potential
  • Feeling inner restlessness
  • Not knowing where to start positive changes

Do you deeply desire any of these?

  • Growth and realizing your full potential
  • Reconnecting with your inner wisdom
  • Creating harmonious relationships
  • Being valued for your unique gifts
  • Experiencing joy and abundance
  • Improving your relationship with food and your body
  • Developing flexibility, health and balance
  • Discovering your soul’s purpose
  • Uncovering your full potential
  • Seeking greater meaning and fulfillment
  • Taking the first step toward positive change
  • Achievement and self-realization
  • Alignment between mind, body and spirit
  • Contributing goodness to the world

If you answered YES to 2 or more of these, then this learning program is right for you.

>> What to Expect in Our Coaching Sessions?
+ -

Our time together is designed to empower you to awaken your inner truth and wisdom.

Life can sometimes feel like driving with a map but no directions — you know you have all the resources within but the right path forward seems unclear.

In our sessions, we'll collaboratively explore different perspectives and directions. I'll provide nurturing support and helpful tools to guide you, while you do the important work of listening within. You'll be expected to open yourself to new insights and take ownership of your learning and growth. Together, we'll uncover what feels aligned so you can confidently move forward on your path, equipped with an inner compass to rely on.

My goal is to help you recognize the wisdom, strength and sense of purpose that already live within you. 

>> What Makes This Program Unique?
+ -

This virtual coaching program takes a personalized approach designed to honor your uniqueness. Rather than convince you of any doctrine, I recognize and appreciate you as you are. Together we'll uncover your inner wisdom, so you can arrive at solutions tailored to your needs.

Benefits of a Customized Journey

  • Gain knowledge of energy systems and how they affect wellbeing
  • Receive guidance linking physical issues to emotional patterns
  • Overcome conflicts and nurture harmonious relationships
  • Practice grounding exercises to manage emotions
  • Experience yoga postures and breathing that integrate body and mind
  • Unlock your unique gifts and purpose
  • Ask empowering questions to unlock inner answers
  • Access resources and tools so you’re well resourced to overcome life's challenges
  • Cultivate inner mastery by strengthening empowering beliefs and releasing limiting beliefs

We all have innate strengths we can leverage to handle difficulties that arise. As your guide, I will collaborate with you to see your challenges from an enlightened perspective.

By building self-awareness in a supportive community, you can get unstuck and rediscover your path. 

This is your journey — where would you like it to lead to?

>> What type of yoga will I be learning?
+ -

Typically, in the US, when we think about yoga, we think mainly about asanas — the physical practice of poses. However, yoga is actually comprised of eight interconnected parts known as the eight limbs of yoga:

  • Asana — physical postures and poses
  • Pranayama — breath control and expansion
  • Yamas — ethical disciplines regarding our treatment of others
  • Niyamas — ethical observances regarding self-care and inner growth
  • Pratyahara — withdrawing the senses and calming the mind
  • Dharana — developing and extending our focus and concentration
  • Dhyana — meditation and contemplation
  • Samadhi — deep absorption in meditation, enlightenment

In our yoga sessions, we will incorporate aspects of several limbs including:

  • Asanas to stretch and strengthen — come as you are (no special attire or equipment needed)
  • Pranayama breathing exercises
  • Yamas and Niyamas to cultivate inner wisdom
  • Dhyana meditation to steady the mind

By integrating multiple facets of practice, we can balance the body, breath, mind and spirit.

>> What happens if I miss a class?
+ -

You can watch the presentation recording within two weeks. For privacy, discussions are only available during the real-time virtual meetings.

Remember, the meetings are crucial for your learning. During the meeting time, I hold space for you energetically so we all resonate with harmonious frequencies. Watching a recording is OK but being present — physically and mentally — for our virtual meetings is essential for your's also mandatory for working with me one-on-one.

>> What if I’m unavailable and I don’t have time for 1:1?
+ -

Your personal 1:1 time expires within the month. If an unexpected event prevents you from making a scheduled 1:1 session, you can request a one-time session extension that month. 

>> What is the refund policy?
+ -

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact me at least 1 week before your next billing date to stop the automated payment for the upcoming month. Refund options are available within the first 30 days of subscribing. Donations, financial appreciation and gifts are not refundable.

>> What's the best way to contact you?
+ -

“The stronger your spiritual factor, the further away you are from the animal level.”
— Jose Silva